Friday, 20 April 2012

Keystone pipeline proponents at it again in the US Congress

The issue of the Keystone XL pipeline is something like waiting for a bus. Without fail, it will re-appear. The only question is when. Despite several developments that have prevented the pipeline proponents from moving forward, the pipeline proponents are at it again. Like some sort of cartoon villain, they can be counted upon to be hatching their next scheme even as one has failed. Only, unlike cartoon villains and their plans, the consequences of the Keystone XL pipeline moving forward are not mere fiction and fantasy.

Nevertheless, proponents of the pipeline have made another move. The US House of Representatives voted to approve construction of the contested portion of the pipeline, according to the Native News Network. The story at the Native News Network says that the pipeline approval was part of another bill on highway funding that will now be considered by the US Senate.

In other recent pipeline developments, there are plans for an altered route through Nebraska that would avoid the sandhills area which would have faced environmental damage risk under the original route, according to this story in Bloomberg Businessweek.

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