Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hunger Strike by Lakota Nation: "Protect Our Sacred Water Rally"

OklahomaCitizen.org calls attention to rally and protest held from April 1-3 On April 1, 2012, a rally was held by members of the Lakota Nation to bring attention to the importance of water, and the damage that would be done to water supplies if plans for the Keystone XL Pipeline construction went through. A 48 hour hunger strike was held, with protest and rally ending on April 3.

According to "Switchboard", a blog of the Natural Resources Defense Council staff blog, the event was coordinated to be timed with another protest against the Keystone XL pipeline and the water and environmental damage it would cause-- this protest of indigenous peoples in Canada. The "Switchboard" account of the Lakota Nation rally comments that
" Lakota supporters built a sweat lodge and elders sang songs and prayers in support of hunger strikers in Canada over a thousand miles away. They were there to support and protect Mother Earth, a powerful Lakota tradition passed down through the generations, long before oil and mining companies came and polluted their land."

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