Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Chile: consultation is needed.

This year Chile has seen several mining projects blocked after local opposition. A recent case, EL Morro mine in northern Chile shows the importance of ‘prior and informed consent’ since the community affected i.e. Diaguita was not consulted.

The BBC reports that back in April, a national court actually rejected the case to which the community appealed. The Diaguita peoples argued that Goldcorp, did not conducted proper consultations with local communities (as required by the ILO Convention 169 and UNDRIP – both signed and ratified by Chile).

Maglene Campilley, a Diaguita’s leader, acknowledged that the community is ‘happy’ to see that justice is on the side of those that ‘defend Mother Earth’.

What is next? A consultation needs “to take place before an environmental permit can be awarded allowing mining to take place.”

Christine Marks, Goldcorp spokesperson, said that “The company remained committed to open and transparent dialogue with its stakeholders and to responsible practices in accordance with the highest applicable health, safety and environmental standards."

Well...we have to wait and see. The Diaguita community noted that the project ‘could pollute a local river’. On the other hand, the said mine is value at almost $4bn. Will justice be on the side of mother Earth?

Source BBC.