Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Call to Action: Violence Against Women Act

This blog had an earlier post on the pending reauthorization of the American federal legislation "The Violence Against Women Act" (VAWA) and the importance of several of its provisions, including one that would give limited jurisdiction for criminal prosecution of some crimes to tribal courts. That jurisdiction is especialy important in the environment that exists in the state and federal courts--where there is little prosecution of crimes that are overwhelmingly commited by non-indigenous men when the target of the crime is an indigenous woman.

The Native News Network highlights a "Call for Action". The Native News network story states:

"Yesterday, Senator Hutchison (R-TX) introduced an alternative Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act bill, S.2338, which would strip the key tribal jurisdiction provisions and replace them with a proposal that undermines current law and, arguably, would exacerbate the problem."

This is not ONLY a debate over tribal sovereignty, autonomy and self-determination. It is also about the well documented failings of the state and federal systems to respond appropriately to violence against indigenous women.

The Native News Network call for action includes important contact details on politicians.

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