Wednesday, 7 November 2012


From Dr Valentina Valdi, a Marie Curie postdoctoral Fellow of the Faculty of Law at Maastricht Universit, we received an invitation for a conference on ‘Art and Heritage Disputes’ to be held at Maastricht University on 24-27 March 2013. The invitation is to everyone who is interested in participating, either presenting a paper or writing an article OR even both!

Abstract (up to 500 words) for consideration should be submitted by 1st December.

The publication reads as follows: “This Special Issue aims to identify, map and critically assess the number of art and heritage disputes which have arisen in the past decades. The return of cultural artifacts to their legitimate owners, the recovery of underwater cultural heritage, the governance of sites of outstanding and universal value, the protection and promotion of artistic expressions, and the protection of cultural sites in time of war are just some of the issues which have given rise to art and heritage related disputes.”

Themes that are considered include: 1) Cultural rights 2) Tangible cultural heritage 3) Intangible cultural heritage 4) Underwater cultural heritage 5) Art law 6) Dispute settlement mechanisms

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