Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Human Blockade in Lakota Nation land: blocking transport of parts for Keystone XL Pipeline

Lastrealindians.com is carrying a story about a human blockade that was formed yesterday-- March 5-- on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. The human blockade prevented trucks carrying parts for the contested Keystone XL pipeline from travelling on Oglala Lakota lands. The route through the Oglala Lakota homelands was planned without consultation with the indigenous groups, and further, planned the route to try to evade paying a significant sum for the use of state roads, according to the post at Lastrealindians.com: “The heavy-hauling trucks were allegedly cutting through Oglala country in attempts to avoid a $50,000.00 fee to pass through using State of South Dakota roadways.”

If the trucks had crossed the Lakota lands, it would also have been in violation of several resolutions that have been adopted by indigenous governance bodies. The story in full is at the Lastrealindians.com website.

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