Thursday, 16 February 2012

Update on Online Petition Opposing the Tarsands Keystone Pipeline

According to this article in the end over 800,000 signatures opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline were obtain on an online petition. This was well over the target of 500,000 signatures that the online petition organisers had hoped to obtain.

But debate on the tar sands issue does not stop there. According to this article, the European Union will be debating a measure which would "class fuel from tar sands as highly polluting."

And the Indigenous Environmental Network was one of several signatories to a letter setting out grounds for opposing the pipeline. Other signatories include "CEOs of Major Environmental Regulations."
The depth and breadth of opposition to the pipeline has been demonstrated, but the recent moves to amend proposed federal legislation to include a non-related amendment to permit the pipeline to go ahead shows that the political battles to over-turn President Obama's denial of permission for a permit are far from over.

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